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5 Key Practices for Proper Brake Maintenance

5 Key Practices for Proper Brake Maintenance

5 Key Practices for Proper Brake Maintenance


Maintaining your vehicle's brakes is essential for safe driving, especially during challenging weather conditions. Poor brake maintenance reduces the overall performance of the vehicle and shortens its longevity. Nexcar Auto Sales & Leasing is a trusted Used Car Dealership in Toronto, and our team is here to guide you through five key practices for proper brake maintenance. Follow along as we outline five essential tips to ensure your brakes remain in top condition.

Check Brake Pads & Rotors

The role of the brake pads and rotors is to provide the necessary amount of friction to slow down or stop your vehicle - a vital part of the braking system. Due to their constant contact with the tires, these components deteriorate faster over time. If you experience increased pedal effort to brake, burning odours, or extended stopping distances, it may be time for an inspection and possible replacement.

Flush Brake Fluid

Brake fluid is a specialized hydraulic fluid used in automotive braking systems. It transmits the force applied to the brake pedal. This component is essential as it acts as the messenger between the driver and the vehicle's braking system. However, over time, the fluid can become contaminated with moisture, leading to corrosion and reduced braking efficiency. In this case, it's best to flush and replace the brake fluid.

Bleed the Brake Lines

Air bubbles trapped within the brake lines can compromise braking performance by reducing hydraulic pressure. Bleeding the brake lines removes trapped air, ensuring optimal brake pedal feel and responsiveness. This process should typically be done every 2-3 years and can be completed during a scheduled brake inspection service.

Replace or Upgrade Brake Parts

Regular wear and tear may require the replacement of certain brake components over time. When this situation arises, it presents the perfect opportunity to upgrade to higher performance or specialized components. Slotted disc brakes are known to be more heat-resistant, or choosing ceramic pads can offer less brake dust and quieter operation. Replacing brake parts ensures reliable braking performance and reduces the risk of brake-related incidents on the road.

Braking System Care

Proper care of your braking system is essential for prolonged performance and safety. External factors contributing to brake deterioration include carrying too much weight in the vehicle, wet weather conditions, and abrupt or late braking. Avoiding these conditions can minimize brake wear and deterioration, reducing the likelihood of brake failure-related incidents.

How Our Used Car Dealership Can Help

In conclusion, prioritizing proper brake maintenance is essential for safe driving and the longevity of your vehicle. By following the five key practices outlined above, you can ensure optimal performance and safety on the road. At Nexcar Auto Sales & Leasing, we understand the importance of brake safety, and our dealership is here to provide you with quality used vehicles that are ready to take on the open road with you. To browse our inventory or begin an application for an auto loan, contact our dealership at (416) 633-8188 today.

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