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Used BMW 3-Series for Sale in Toronto, Brampton (GTA)

Used BMW 3-Series for Sale in Toronto

The BMW 3-Series is an extremely popular entry-level luxury car that is known for its excellent handling and poise.  It is efficient while still elegant with a spacious cabin and sharp design. This sports sedan includes fine details providing a driving experience like no other. This eye-catching sporty appearance vehicle provides maximum comfort and a striking design.

Used BMW 320 Series

Used BMW 320 Series Nexcar auto sales TorontoThe BMW 320 series includes an impeccable line of cars that will meet your standards for sport, comfort and reliability. The powerful 320 series is the perfect compact vehicle that allows you an appropriate amount of room to ride relaxed and enjoyably. This strong sports car is fast and ready to take on anything with you.

2023 BMW 320

2023 is an exciting year for the BMW 320. This sports sedan receives a tech-heavy makeover, an update of the exterior styling (Wider grille, small headlights adjustment, etc.), and a new all-digital display dashboard with a larger touchscreen. In this vehicle, most of the buttons have been removed and instead, they are not available for use through the touch screen. Furthermore, BMW's Intelligent Personal Assistant has also gained some new features.

2022 BMW 320

The 2022 BMW 320 receives no major changes, but this luxury sports sedan remains a top competitor for vehicles in its category. With the 2022 BMW 320, one can expect minor options and package changes, and the digital instrument panel becoming standard for all packages. There has also been a small update to the roster of individual vehicle options.

2021 BMW 320

It's time to consider the 2021 BMW 320. 2021 is a year of great advancements and upgrades that makes this vehicle extraordinary. This year offers a new 330e plug-in hybrid version as well as a higher speed in electric mode of 87mph vs. 47mph, a larger 12.0 kilowatt-hours battery vs. the old 7.6 battery, and a longer EPA-rated electric range of up to 22 miles vs. the old 14 miles (with AWD or RWD).

You'll find that on the 2021 models, wireless smartphone integration on Apple CarPlay or Android Auto is now available, and on all trims, automatic high beams have become a standard. To check out its agile handling and high-speed composure, check out this vehicle.

2020 BMW 320

Yes, you need to check out the 2020 BMW 320! This was an exciting year for this vehicle and this makes it worth your consideration. You'll notice that navigation is now included in the standard Live Cockpit Plus system. Additionally, the Connected Package Plus has become a standard. This package adds remote door unlock, real-time traffic information, stolen vehicle recovery, and more.

The premium package of this vehicle now includes both the Live Cockpit Professional and Connected Package Professional, as well as heated front seats, a heated steering wheel, and a heads up display. This smooth and powerful engine offers owners a high-speed vehicle that is likable and fun to drive.

2019 BMW 320

2019 was an exciting year for this vehicle. This sedan had got fully redesigned and people are thrilled. Now, this vehicle has an entirely new body, the latest infotainment system and technology, as well as new advanced safety features. These safety features include automatic emergency braking and forward-collision warning. With powerful engine options and precision handling, this sporty-looking vehicle is a high-ranked option. It includes an impressive ride that is extremely enjoyable to drive. If you are interested in a powerful and sporty vehicle for an affordable price, this is it.

2018 BMW 320

You will be impressed with the 2018 BMW 320. This car receives a high ranking this year for luxury small car. In 2018 there were minor adjustments made to the car which mostly just included different option packages and feature availability. Most are dazzled by the user-friendly features and the elegant-looking interior. The iDrive system is simple and straight forward. It includes quick processing and good graphics. Also, this car won’t let you down when it comes to its sharp handling and smooth power.   If you’re looking for a car with a sports feel and maximum comfort then this is the car you will want to take home. This 2018 BMW 320 classic car is truly everything you would have imagined it to be.

2017 BMW 320

Are you ready to turn heads in this 2017 BMW 320? This car is known for its features, comfort and styling. Oh, and of course its astonishing vehicle acceleration as it packs a good punch from its engine. If you want a car that's known for its quality and reliability then you have found it. The 320 model comes with SensaTec upholstery, rain-sensing wipers, dual-zone climate control, manually adjustable front seats, 9-speaker audio system, 17-inch wheels, 6.6-inch LCD display, power-folding and heated side mirrors, BMW Assist emergency telematics, and lots more! Interested in the 2017 BMW 320? This car will drive you crazy until you get it.

2016 BMW 320

The 2016 BMW 320 is a car with the perfect balance of luxury and sport. The ride quality of this car will leave you speechless as this model is one of the smoothest rides. This vehicle gains minor exterior styling updates as well as steering and suspension revisions. This model introduces LED headlights as a new feature to give this vehicle the ultimate glow. As well, a new Track Handling Package replaces the old Dynamic Handling Package. This car should definitely be near the top of your list if you are in the market for a solid luxury sports car.

2015 BMW 320

This pleasant vehicle is one of the best options that you will want to ride in. This vehicle has a minimalistic cabin that shows off its high-grade materials such as the quality leather on the steering wheel and seats. As well it’s soft-touch plastics. The 2015 BMW 320 model includes strong brakes and handling which makes it a safe option. Lastly, most are very pleased with this vehicle’s amount of trunk space. Overall this BMW is worth considering and taking a closer look at.

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Used BMW 328 Series

Used BMW 328 Series Nexcar auto sales TorontoYou should be considering a BMW 328 series as this car is an exciting one to drive. This stunning eye-candy sports car is the ideal combination for someone looking for a car of comfort while still having the sports car feel. This car is spirited and fun, ready to take on the open roads with you.

2018 BMW 328

The perfect artful mix of refinement and performance. The 2018 BMW 328 says it all. In 2018, this car included multiple body styles (including the wagon) and powerful engine options. As well, if you’re looking to choose a car that earned a top rating for safety than this car is just for you. With LED fog lights replacing the traditional lights this adds a bonus for safety measures. This car will check all your boxes for safety, quality and luxury. Come out for a test drive today.

2017 BMW 328

This car is known for its rich driving dynamics and its spacious cabin. The 2017 BMW 328 has agile handling and an overall very powerful drive. Most enjoy the ride of this car because of its supportive seats that it offers and its roomy interior. If you’re looking for a sports sedan while thinking about still being able to drive from point A to B with comfort then this is the car for you. With lots of competition, this car remains at the top of customer's lists. We highly suggest that you don’t leave this car model out when making your decision.

2016 BMW 328

Some popular features included on the 2016 BMW 328 includes its robust turbo-four gas engine and the smooth inline-six power. An improved feature on this vehicle includes the engine stop-start feature. This car is extremely well tuned and is ready for a fast acceleration with just a quick tap on the pedal. The interior of this car basically keeps the same setting that includes well mixed premium materials. This sophisticated vehicle is one that you can’t leave out!

2015 BMW 328

The 2015 BMW 328 is fully equipped and can handle anything. In 2015 this car only experienced a few minor tweaks along with standard Bluetooth audio streaming. This upscale vehicle also includes an engine that is powerful and fuel-efficient which most drivers are highly thrilled with. We can say that this model gives you the best combination of efficiency and performance. This car will solve all your problems with its unbeatable value for its seamless power, fuel economy and beautiful composure around turns. This 2015 model is not one to be missed.

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Comparing the BMW 320 and the BMW 328

Are you in the market for purchasing a used BMW 3-series but caught between the 320 and the 328 models? Both are excellent choices but let’s compare further to find the perfect option for you.


The BMW 320 has an extremely powerful engine that has a 2.0L TwinPower turbo engine. This engine at maximum runs at 180hp and 200 pound-feet of torque. The BMW 328 has the same 2.0L TwinPower turbo engine but this model's maximums are 258 pound-feet of torque and 240hp. Both the 320 and 328 are similar in the sense that they both include the steptronic automatic transmission. They also both include an option for the manual gearbox of six-speed.


These BMW models 320 and 328 both include the standard trim levels of the 3-series. Note that the 320 model does cost a little less for the basic trim. The 328 includes your choice for Ash grain wood, shiny metallic inlays and the original Dakota leather. For both models, the interior is virtually the same as they both include the SensaTec upholstery. These models also both have Advanced Vehicle and Key Memory that holds on to your desired settings.


This is where the 320 and the 328 start to differ a bit. The 320 model comes with a premium Hi-Fi sound system. This sound system can go up to 205 watts. As well, this sound system connects to different radio channels, HD Radio and SiriusXM Satellite Radio. The audio system in the 328 is the Harman Kardon which is slightly finer. On another note, the 328 has an advanced feature which includes an exceptional GPS Navigation. This GPS Navigation includes a touchpad feature instead of a touch screen. Both models are superior and exceptional choices.

Fuel Economy

The BMW 320 model runs one more mile in each category compared to the 328. This small difference would most likely not be noticed in the average day to day drive and when refueling.

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