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What's the Difference Between Sedans, Coupes, & Hatchbacks?

What's the Difference Between Sedans, Coupes, & Hatchbacks?

What's the Difference Between Sedans, Coupes, & Hatchbacks?

If you are looking for a non-SUV vehicle, you have many options to explore and choose from. With conventional and affordable non-SUVs on the rise, Nexcar Auto Sales & Leasing is here today to share with you what your options are. They include sedans, coupes, or hatchbacks. Moreover, in this guideline, our team is going to explain more details about each of these models so that when you enter our Toronto Used Car Dealership, you will know exactly what you are looking for. Let's dive in.


Welcome to the most popular automobile. Over the years and all around the world, this 4-door car that is low to the ground has been the most popular choice of vehicle. This is because this style of vehicle is generally affordable, has great fuel economy, and is known for its great handling.

  • Doors: Four
  • Exterior: Four doors, pronounced front hood, and rear trunk
  • Interior: Typically seats five passengers
  • Cargo Room: Average - Large
  • Performance: Average


A coupe is very similar to a sedan, except this vehicle is known for having two doors compared to four doors. The roofline can also be noted to slant into the trunk. This style of vehicle typically has the option for one or two rows of seating and it is known for having sportier options. For those who don't have large families, this style of vehicle has become widely popular.

  • Doors: Two
  • Exterior: Sporty two-door vehicle with a roofline design that slants into the trunk
  • Interior: Smaller interior cabin, small rear seats, small trunk
  • Cargo Room: Small
  • Performance: Best performing and handling


The hatchback is well known for its one-piece flip-up tailgate, also called a hatch. This style of trunk swings upwards to provide access to the rear end of the car. This style of vehicle is great for both the daily commute and for a family car. Hatchbacks are practical, provide easy access to the cargo area, and provide a generous amount of cargo space.

  • Doors: Five (including the hatch)
  • Exterior: Four-door with a hatch at the back that swings upwards
  • Interior: Very spacious with rear cargo access
  • Cargo Room: Above average
  • Performance: Average to high

How We Can Help

If you are having trouble deciding which style of non-SUV is right for you, our team at Nexcar Auto Sales & Leasing would be happy to book you in for a test drive so you can test out all three options. With the help of our team, you can determine which body style suits your lifestyle and see which the right choice is for you. Browse our inventory of used cars today and our financial experts can help you pair your selection with an auto loan that meets your needs. Contact us at (416) 633-8188 for more information!

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