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How to Prepare Your Vehicle for Spring

How to Prepare Your Vehicle for Spring

How to Prepare Your Vehicle for Spring

While Spring is an exciting time as it marks the end of Winter and the beginning of warmer weather, there are a few things you should do in order to prepare your vehicle for this weather change. Nexcar Auto Sales & Leasing is here today to share with you seven tips for getting your car spring ready! Follow along with this guideline that our Toronto Car Dealership has put together and have your vehicle ready to indulge in this warmer weather!

Switch Your Tires

As the seasons change, it becomes time to change the wheels of your vehicle accordingly. Take off your winter tires and replace them with All Season, All Weather, or Summer tires. Be sure to book your tire change appointment in advance!

Give Your Vehicle a Good Spring Cleaning

Just as you would spring clean your home, your vehicle also requires a good spring cleaning! During the Winter, vehicles can experience a build-up of slush, salt, sand, and dirt - this means that a deep clean is needed! As a bonus, you can finally clean your vehicle without freezing outside!

Inspect Your Headlights

Did you know that salt and gravel can wreck your headlights? Headlight cases can crack and wires can corrode. For this reason, when the Spring season hits, give your vehicle's headlights a quick inspection.

Check Your Brakes

Spring is known to be a popular time to have brakes serviced. Typically, brakes are serviced every 6 months or 20,000 km, so while you are taking your vehicle in for a tire change, consider if you should add on a brake service.

Replace Your Wipers

Are your wipers starting to squeak or have they begun to not wipe all of the water off the windshield efficiently? These are all signs to replace your wipers. Don't worry, this is a cheap replacement!

Examine Your Vehicle for Leaks

Now that the snow is beginning to disappear, looking for leaks has just become easier. Keep an eye out for leaks on your driveway and inspect your radiator for signs of cracking or swelling. These could both be a source of a leak.

Replace Your Air Filter

Every Spring, your air filter should be replaced as a result of the build-up of dust that it encounters over the Winter season. When the air filter is replaced in your vehicle, the quality and quantity of air going into your engine will be improved.

How We Can Help

If you are as excited as we are for Spring, it's important that you follow this guideline and make the time to complete each of the tasks on this checklist. If you are ready to make a used car purchase this Spring, our team at Nexcar Auto Sales & Leasing would be happy to assist you in this process. Head over to our website to check out our current inventory or give our team a call today to learn more about the great auto loan we can offer you. You can reach us at (416) 633-8188 today!

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