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How to Prepare Your Vehicle for Winter

How to Prepare Your Vehicle for Winter

How to Prepare Your Vehicle for Winter

For those living in Canada and preparing for the cold-weather commutes ahead, our Used Car Dealership in Toronto has compiled this comprehensive guide to assist you. It's vital to understand the optimal timing for scheduling your winter tire appointment and identifying the essential car maintenance checks to guarantee safe driving during the cold winter months. To ensure a safe and prepared winter driving experience, stay informed and proactive by reading this guide put together by Nexcar Auto Sales & Leasing.

When Should I Put on My Winter Tires?

If you find yourself uncertain about the most optimal time to change your tires to your winter ones, know that you are not alone. Most people have this question and we are here to share the answer. 

While it depends on the weather forecast and how early one can expect snow to arrive, the common guideline to follow is changing your tires between late October to early November. When the temperature begins to drop below 7°C, this is an indication that it is time. Watching the weather closely is recommended as transitioning to winter tires too early may lead to tread damage. To optimize the performance of your tires and safeguard their longevity, follow along with the outlined steps above.

What Car Maintenance is Needed to Prepare for Winter?

Avoid the stress and worry that often accompanies the arrival of a snowstorm or icy conditions by taking a proactive approach to proper winter car maintenance. Beyond the routine winter tire change, there are crucial steps to be taken for thorough winter car maintenance. Here are outlined the necessary actions to take to ensure you are well-prepared and ready for the winter driving challenges.

  • Stay Current With Maintenance. To drive safely on the roads, one must be up to date with car maintenance. This includes oil changes, necessary repairs, etc. This will increase your safety significantly while on the roads.
  • Top Up Washer Fluid. Driving visibility is essential, especially in winter conditions. For this reason, replenish your washer fluid every season and keep supplies on hand to refill the fluid when it's low. Even keep a jug in your trunk! 
  • Maintain a Full Tank. Winter driving brings unexpected delays. This means keeping a full gas tank is essential to avoiding dangerous situations. Prioritize your safety and convenience and keep fuelled up this winter.

How Our Used Car Dealership Can Help

In conclusion, preparing your vehicle for winter in Canada is not just a routine but a necessity for safe and stress-free driving. Nexcar Auto Sales & Leasing would like to remind you that the key takeaway is to be proactive, whether it's scheduling your winter tire change or embracing essential car maintenance practices. If you are looking to purchase a reliable and trusted used car from a dealership this winter, it's time to view the options at our dealership and begin an auto loan application. For more information, contact our team at (416) 633-8188 today.

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