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How to Safely Jump Start a Car

How to Safely Jump Start a Car

How to Safely Jump Start a Car

If you have a vehicle with a dead battery, jump starting the battery allows you to get back on the road. Nexcar Auto Sales & Leasing recognizes that cars are the most popular mode of transportation and with owning a vehicle comes great responsibility. With one aspect including being able to safely jump start the battery. Our Car Dealership in Toronto has put together this step by step complete guide to explain how to properly jump start your vehicle.

How to Spot a Dead Battery

If you jump into your car and turn the key and nothing happens, this can be a signal that your battery is dead. Car batteries can eventually wear out but sometimes all they need is a jump start to get them going again. The best way to jump start is with jumper cables. These cables are long and have clamps on each end. They supply the dead battery with electric power from a good battery. Keep note that red clamp is for positive terminals and the black clamp is for negative terminals.

Using Cables to Jump Start

Follow these steps to jump start a vehicle:

  1. Park. The first step is to park the vehicles close together without touching and ensure both are completely turned off
  2. Prep. Get out of both vehicles and pop each hood. You will then want to locate the batteries of each and ensure the cables are untangled
  3. Attach. Take the dead battery vehicle and connect the red (+) clamp to its positive terminal and connect the other end to the working battery positive terminal. Then take the working battery vehicle and connect the black (-) to its negative terminal and the other end to an unpainted metal surface of the dead car
  4. Start. Now start the working vehicle for 2-3 minutes, then start the dead vehicle
  5. Remove. Next you can remove the cables in reverse order you attached them
  6. Run it. Once the dead battery vehicle successfully jump starts, keep it running for at least 30 minutes to give the battery time to recharge

Importance of Jumper Cables

If you are able to jump start your vehicle with cables, you will avoid paying the expenses of hiring a tow truck. It’s important to check your battery regularly and ensure that you keep a jumper cable in your vehicle at all times. If you are looking for more information about jumper cables, check your owner’s manual for the manufacture information.

How We Can Help

At Nexcar Auto Sales & Leasing, we provide the best car buying tips but we also consider other factors that all car owners should be aware of, this includes knowing how to jump start your vehicle. If you are looking to obtain an auto loan from a trusted and reliable used car dealership, you can trust that our team has your best interest in mind. For more information on how our dealership can guide your used car buying process, contact us at (416) 633-8188 today.

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