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Why You Should Buy a Car From a Dealer Instead of a Private Seller

Why You Should Buy a Car From a Dealer Instead of a Private Seller

Why You Should Buy A Car From A Dealer Instead Of A Private Seller

Some people may choose to buy a pre-owned vehicle instead of a new car to save money, while others may simply prefer an older model that is not often found on the lot. Regardless of the reason, there are two ways to go about buying a used car. Either you can purchase one in a private sale, or can buy one from a used car dealerNexcar Auto Sales & Leasing goes over the benefits and drawbacks of both so you can make an informed purchasing decision.

Buying a Used Car - Who Should You Choose?

There are plenty of used cars posted in magazines, the newspaper, and even online. While you may find a great discount on a used car, there are often a lot of pitfalls that can make your purchase more costly in the long run. Private sales are generally “as is,” and the vehicles can run into future problems even if they are being offered with a Safety Standard Certificate. Buying from a used car lot, on the other hand, will at least give you a general guarantee. This is backed up by a contract when purchasing your used vehicle from a reputable pre-owned car dealer like Nexcar Auto Sales & Leasing.

Private Used Car Sales

Private sales are not eligible for 13% trade-in tax savings, which can be a significant loss depending on the price of the car. In these cases, the seller chooses the price, which is often based on what car lots are requesting. While this may not seem like a bad thing, private sales are as is and without a warranty, meaning you get less security for the same price.

If you happen to purchase a vehicle in a private sale that breaks down the very next day, you have no recourse. While it is honourable to provide the car history when selling a car privately, not many follow that standard. It's very seldom that will you find a private seller that speaks about anything other than how well they maintained the vehicle. Other hidden costs, such as emissions testing and certifications, are also passed to the buyer in a private sale.

Used Car Dealership Sales

When you choose to purchase your next car from our dealership, you can bank on receiving the 13% trade-in tax savings. We have trade-in options and auto financing programs that can help facilitate your purchase.  We also offer after-sale service packages and warranties for the cars sold on our lot. There are clear car histories that tell you what, if any, problem the car had in its past. Finally, our dealership will only sell a used car that has a free and clear title.

Work With Us When Buying Your Next Pre-Owned Vehicle

Working with a reliable and reputable used car dealer such as Nexcar Auto Sales & Leasing protects your interest and ensures you drive away with a quality vehicle. We will make sure that each car available for sale is inspected, properly serviced, and refurbishes as needed. This gives you the peace of mind in knowing that not only does your used car look good, but it runs properly as well. For more information or to see what models we have available, give us a call at (416) 633-8188.

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